“First, she did everything! It was completely stress-free because she planned everything. Second, day of she really made us the focus and made sure we enjoyed the day without being distracted by the fact that there was a camera following us around.”


Florida (wo)man
But, like, classy & sh*t

I’m Anna, your elopement photographer, planner + biggest fan to make it all happen.

I’m based in Florida, where the ocean is close and the vibes are chill. Florida is so much more than long stretches of sandy beaches, and I l o v e showing rad folks like you just what makes this place special. In fact, I geek out over discovering what makes every place special when I’m planning elopements, whether your elopement vision includes Nashville city vibes or Colorado mountaintops. I'm here to craft something uniquely you

Tell me what you want your day to feel like, and I’ll take the wheel. 

Hey there!
So stoked you're here!

Can we just … not with the basic-ass vibes?

You know exactly what I mean…

Quick vows. Stiff portraits. Peace out.

Hard pass.

A day exploring together, doing your thing in an unforgettable place, all custom designed based on who you are and how you want to celebrate. An elopement day that’s less about ticking off the to-dos and more about adventuring and experiencing this time together.

How about this instead?

Yeah, it’s possible. And let me tell you right now as someone who’s been there and done that …. it’s the bessssssst.

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“We eloped in the beautiful mountains of South Carolina, Anna captured us and the mountains exactly how I envisioned! Literal Pinterest vibes! Not only did she capture the perfect images but she made everything so easy! She created a schedule that we followed and it made everything flow easily. I cannot thank her enough, for everything she’s done."

—Samantha & Anthony

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Immerse yourself in a day that is one hunnid percent Y O U

Because no one wants to spend their wedding day making small talk with table seventeen.

Here’s to an elopement day you’ll never forget.

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florida, georgia, north carolina, south carolina, & tennessee

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