What do you get when you toss a planner and a photographer in a shaker?

In the other half of my life, I’m a materials engineer in the aerospace industry. Let me tell you right now, all that work figuring out how to unf*ck situations (that’s a technical term, okay?) means I’ve got tons of ideas and creative solutions to make your elopement rad as hell. And the ability to pivot fast and support you if shit hits the fan.

So that’s where the planning side kicks in, but what about the camera? I started out snapping photos of adventures with my husband—boating, hiking, hunting. It was all super natural and candid. So the first time I worked with people who expected me to make them freeze, look directly into the lens and smile? It didn’t feel right for me, and honestly, it didn’t feel right for them either.

I quickly realized the best photos—the ones that you actually connect with—show off personality and emotion as you actually live in each moment.

That’s why I’m such a fan of elopements. I’ll never ask you to pretend to be happy for a pose. Instead, we’ll collaborate to plan a day where you’re genuinely happy. And I’ll capture it.

Me. You get me.
And maybe a margarita on the rocks if you play your cards right.

Meet Anna

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Wanna know a secret?

I’m actually an introvert.
But this is your once-in-a-lifetime, so I’m not about to go sit in a corner with a book. I turn on that extrovert switch and act a fool all damn day with you. 

And you know what that does? It helps you feel at ease. Because when your extra AF photographer is jumping in the fountain with you, you’ll stop stressing about what you look like and just have a blast. Promise.

Okay quick!

  • I eloped too! Because duh, that’s the only way to go. We got married in Estes Park, CO. 
  • Planning trips is legit fun for me. That’s why I get so excited to plan yours. 
  • I’ve got big garden dreams but a killer touch. Literally, I can’t keep plants alive. RIP.
  • We named our chickens after our friends’ husbands. 
  • I make really stellar guac and margaritas. I’ll share the recipes with you!
  • Weekend free? Find me and my husband on the boat, in the woods, or exploring a new city.

I’ll share, then it’s your turn. 
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