No. 1 - How can I book?

Easy peasy! I'll email you over an electronic agreement where you can sign and pay from your phone! You're officially in the books with a signed agreement and a paid non-refundable retainer. I require a non-refundable retainer to book the date. Payment plans are available! I accept credit card, venmo, zelle, check or cash. 

No. 2 - How many images can I expect?

You'll receive around 100 images per hour of coverage for weddings and 75 images for portrait sessions. I'll include everything except blurry images, blinks, duplicates, or images that aren't up to par with my standards. 

No. 3 - Are travel fees included?

Travel fees are always included for weddings and elopements! This allows me to flexibly book travel accommodations without bothering you! It's one less thing you and your fiance have to worry about! Travel is not included for portrait sessions.

No. 4 - How do you edit your photos?

Photos are edited for light, color, and crop. Some items will be photoshopped out if it distracts from the overall aesthetic of the image or are temporary blemishes such as acne, scratches, bruises, etc. Light skin smoothing will be applied to portraits. 

No. 5 - What if I don't want an engagement session?

That's totally fine! The engagement session is complimentary and allows my clients to get to know me and get comfortable with me! If you don't wan an engagement session, I'm more than happy to trade it out for a day after session or an anniversary session. 

No. 6 - Can I have the RAW files? 

RAW images are not provided to the client. My clients hire me for my style and vision, which is the final product. RAW images are special files that cannot be manipulated without certain programs. I'll provide images in JPEG, which you'll be able to print, share, and post! 

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