I’m Anna, your photographer, planner + biggest fan to make it all happen.

I’m based in Florida, where the water is always close and the vibes are chill and tropical. Florida is so much more than long stretches of sandy beaches, and I l o v e showing rad folks like you just what makes this place special. In fact, I geek out over discovering what makes every place special when I’m planning elopements, whether you’re hoping for city vibes in Nashville or mountaintop views in North Carolina.

Tell me what you want your day to feel like, and I’ll take the wheel. I legit can’t wait to start researching and planning to create exactly what you want.

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Your day. Captured as uniquely as you.

Each elopement is unique, but the process is the same. I've spent years perfecting the posing process to ensure you get the most authentic and unique images that reflect who you are as a couple. There's no "look deep into each other's eyes" and pray you don't look cheesy AF. I'll be guiding you along the way to give you the bombest light, the most epic views, your most authentic emotions, and absolutely NO cringeworthy photos (unless of course that's your thing). While the goal for every elopement is to capture your vision as the story is unveiled, my priority is to give my couples a good fucking time and feel 100% comfortable the entire time. 

Florida elopement locations & Planning

Most of my clients are not from Florida and some of them have never even been to Florida! If you fit one of those two options, then most likely you have no idea where to start. Where should you elope? What should you do? When should we be there? Florida is a massive state and there's so many different vibes based on the location. As a Florida native, I'll take all the guesswork away and provide you with the best locations, hidden gems and all the sunshine state nooks and crannies that this state has to offer! With all this experience, I'll help plan a day full of adventure that fits your elopement vision. 

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